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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MiSsiNg A pArT oF Me & TiReD

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Salamm..~ today i felt kinda empty. Missing something that im not sure what will that be. It has gone with the wind. What's the reason IDK. huhu. Maybe im too tired.. ummmm... penat. bahagia? i dont want to lie. because the answer is NO.. its true i smile.. its true i never tell anything about my deeply hurted heart. cuz its only me who felt it and its only me who understand. sometimes i do need a question.. even just a simple question like "HOW ARE YOU" from your mouth. Dont just left me with this silent,. Im not a statue. my godness sake IM A HUMAN... is it too hard for you to realize? i dont want to waste my tears anymore. sia2.. kalo kumpul bikin siram bunga.. kalau nda bikin baja kompos..


  1. Deppress, emo, tension, down.. Mix and blend all together. They'll become bitter mysery mocha. Wanna drink it down, or throw it away. Choices are available, choosing is legal. I am available for multi-purpose. So.. Fa, be HAPPY! =D

  2. ngehehe~ sometimes depression has to be expressed or not it remain inside and invite madness.. heheheh

  3. Arent love is already a madness? Hehe.. I live in madness. Come, live with me. And again, I am available for mutli-purpose! So.. Tong, be HAPPY coz I love you! =D

  4. ngehehe.. waii.. apa bha kita merapu sini ni ayong.. mu pikir sal sepa juga tu post?? haha.. btw.. me love u too ayongg~

  5. Along pun kurang pasti juga atas dasar apa rapuan kita ni mula menjalar. Hehe.. Dan along pun tidak tau pasal siapa post mu tu. Tapi.. Like I like to see you down in gloom? Hell, no. So.. Rak, lagi sekali, along available for multi-purpose. Hehe.. Btw, smart pula nama baru mu tu, Iggi Sachiko. Kenapa bukan Cika Sachiko? Oh yesh, I love you three. =)

  6. Hahahah~ tu post tuuu.. ditulis tanpa apa2 dasar.. biarla rahsia nun.. nguahahaha.. ayat tu bhaa.. hahaha.. Iggy Sachiko??
    hahaa.. td ika round2 bha tuu.. pastu ika tguk ika translation dia ike sama iggy.. suka nun ika.. mo pakai ike.. tpppp.. nda jadi.. hahaha.. jddd laa nama iggy sachiko.. hahaha


Pieka2 nda makan orgggg~ makan ayam ja~ silalah KOMEN k~

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