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Thursday, June 4, 2009

ReaD iT aNd You'll UndersTanD~

I bet you didnt even open my blog.. for what kan buka blog someone u hate oweredy.. ok i admit... im not that angel that can make you happy 24 7.. i have hearts, i have life, a stressful life i suppose.. you're not in my shoes so probably you dont know how do i feel.. nda cerita dgn kau?? because i know you had a lot of burden oredy dkat bahu kaw where hari2 suda sediyh and i dont think my problem can help.. just say everything, im dumb, or hipokrit, or stupid crazy or whateva.. i don kare and hell i dont mind.. its not just 1 person here need to be understand.. if you're in our position i bet you'll do da same.. kami bukan hina kau.. kami cuma cakap you're too sensitive.. is that hard..?? i said its not only you have to be understand every time.. kami nda pernah boring dgn kau.. never even once.. just sometime.. you remeber bad things about us and just forget what we have done for you.. its all like vanish away even because of a simple thing.. such as we forgot to say 'HI' pagi td.. so why fighting foor such thing~ mcm kita baru kenal sehari dua.. you know me and ain when we are talking we lost the world.. and i bet you knew me well.. kalau aku da cerita org sekeliling mcm aku nda dgr.. so blame me for being myself..


  1. ohh be patient baah.

    mistake on hearts.
    patut nyer heart.
    means 1 heart.
    hee !

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Sorry 4 being a pain in d ass to da 3 of you:(
    I'll vanish from ur life.
    I'm gone.
    So be happy.


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