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Friday, August 14, 2009

All about the birthday boy..!!

kupi tarik kopi kulam, (start suda guna yg nda logik2 niyh) Assalammm~ huhuh~ what i felt tonite?? well.. let me tell you the event first.. bisuk is my dearest ikan paus ( not real tuh), ahmad firdaus @momok @ mr whisperer @ apa lae aaa?? lupa suda ( LUPA NDA BMAKSUD NDA D SYG) HAHA~.. tomorrow is his birthday.. that cute lil boy.. heheheh~ what i gave him???? ssshhhhhh~ suda d pos tu hadiah kerumah dia.. why pos?? aiyaaa~ this is the impact of long distance relationship... i cant swim to giv this pwesent to him.. although his house was near to the sea.. yet, its far lorh labuan to palm beach.. ngehehe~ next.. ummmmm.. what special about this birthday boy.. i dunno la other people's perspective but in my eyes he is a nice lil boy... ( ofkos la kan my dear ) but really.. he is... eventhough we seems to be so PELIK, (sgt2 pelik) sometime but who cares??? hehehe.. He is a lovable person.. very generous anddddd non-talkative.. which is contra to me larh.. ( im a well-known talkative representative with a PhD qualification from JABATAN PERCAKAPAN YG MELEBIH MALAYSIA..) hahaa.. so contra kan?? buttttttt, he is lucu n gila2.. sometime.. ^ ^ know where all his nickname come fwom?? hahahaha.. that is all my work.. dgn bantuan dia larh.. sapa suruh kaki PENGULUK.. negehhe.. i have those 'nama yg nda patut' oso lorh.. but SECRET lah.. heheh.. That boy again.. he kept secrets a lot to himself.. kadang2 mau juga meletups.. ( suda bdn lae chubby kan) but i know he need sometime and me??? i giv him all time that he needs.. hohoho.. ( cuz i luv him lorh) all my fwen cakap his face like kanak2.. sure he did.. hahaha.. baby bha masih tu.. nguahaha~ dont be mad arh.. nanti hilang tu baby jadi grandfather pya muka trus.. hahaha~ After more than one year having relationship dgn dia.. i know i am happy.. (buktinya i gain more weight) hahahaha~ what i want to say for his bfday is....... TO IKAN PAUS - first time i knew you i know we will be different.. although i didnt asked much from you but you give me more than enough.. TO MR WHISPERER - having you on my side each time is the most valuable memories you ever gave me.. although what we talk about is 100% perfectly approximately and all the ly nonsense.. TO MOMOK - u've scared me each time you seems so quiet.. but when i can hear your sound again i know you leave to love me more.. ^^ TO MY BIRTHDAY BOY - that day u sent me a gift.. something simple but never will be forgotten.. you give me sumthing that so valueable.. that is because i know its a gift from the bottom of your heart.. tonight is your birthday, a lot of things come up in my mind... but what i can assure is i want to make you happy.. these few weeks i sleep at 9.30 every night.. ngehehe~ ngantuk otomatik tu.. but for you i know i must wait.. just like what u do on my befday.. heheh~ i hope you are happy on your birthday.. harap syg dapat la smua yg syg mau.. and last but not least.. semoga pnjg umur n murah rezeki.. i wish you all the best in life.. HAPPY BITHDAY.... TUA SUDA NYEAHH~ SAPA SURUH ARITU CAKAP ORG TUA.. DIA YG SUDA TUA.. HAHAHA~ ^^
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