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Monday, September 7, 2009

it's about you~ DEFINITELY~

I almost give up on you.. seriously i did.. do you know what i tell myself to keep being with you?? its in my heart.. it is because of my feelings for you.. and my promise that i wont let go.. you heard me.. I WONT.. Please stay with me... You think that my life is just perfect.. I am the only daughter and i got everything i want.. But you're wrong.. I have everything YES.. but not everything i want.. i want someone to accompany me~ but there i was again.. the only daughter.. I want you yo accompany me~ not everyday but i hope you can spare just a little piece of your time.. that would be enough.. ^^.. i wont demand too much form you.. im not a 'DEMANDING GIRL' I didn't ask you to be someone you're not.. I just want you to be someone that always there when i need you.. someone to listen to my stories.. someone that i can rely on.. someone that can make my pain disappear.. someone that loves me. ( Dont push yourself if you cant love me anymore) Just that~ I know you can because one single thing that you do is more than enough for me and it gives a thousand impact on me.. I know.. i never told you that~ ^^ But now you know~ SORRY IF I AM BEING TOO DEMANDING TO THE SIMPLE YOU.. ^^ P/S: I LOVE YOU

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  1. Love is always a risk. But many took that risk and survive. You'll be one of them. ◕‿◕。


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