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Sunday, November 15, 2009

A nice day a worse night~

Nak tahu?? shhh~ rahsia~ i am happy.. keadaan dalam hidup sekarang dah bertambah baik.. suma ada beberapa perkara yg kena concern~ but i have my backup~ heheh~ BUT SOMETHING SPOILED~ heheh~ although something goes wrong tonite~ but i guess what the heck?? i have a good day wat.. haha~ but tonite~ seseorang sms kembali.. xtau lah apa purpose dia sms.. but yg penting dia xbrhenti sms~ okehh~ im going to be specific~ ^^ Mesej 1st.. ( petikan ja laa.. pjg ) "Maaf sbb skali lagi dengan tiba-tiba muncul.. ol i want is forgiveness..." Mesej 4th ( dia da start a bit mndesak ) "tlglah balas... im not asking anythg just a message.. im sorry.. pleaseee..." Mesej 10th ( dia dah menanya2 lepas aku balas.. ur apology accepted ) " macam mana sekarang? lama tak dgr cerita.... Bukan nak mengganggu.. tp boleh kita jadi macam dulu?" Mesej 20th ( dia buat karangan 500 pth pkataan.. mcm SPM ) " i know i hurt u but i want u back in my life.. as what i am before... i want another chance.. i will make up to you for everything... give me one month to win back ur heart.. saya bukan nak memaksa tapi saya tahu saya boleh buat awak gembira.. n 'DIA' tidak.. saya tahu awak tak happy dengan 'DIA'..." here where aku da naik marah.. nobody, i repeat not even single man on earth have the right to say that i am not happy with my partner~ dah la datang from the middle of nowhere.. pastu dengan bijaknya nak mengatur hidup org.. get the hell out of my life.. do u think 108 missed call.. n also 32 messages can get me back with u???? lupakan sajalahh.. im not that moron.. Pleaseeee laaa... i have firdaus.. n i dont dream to have you.. hadoiiiiii~ u cant make me happy.. u have a chance n u blew it all.. now stand back.. relax.. start over.. move on with your life.. ^^ to someone that really meaningful in my life : i know this might sound silly but i actually wanted to say that~ i love you most n they are not qualified to be cpmpared to you~ just want to make sure u know that~

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Pieka2 nda makan orgggg~ makan ayam ja~ silalah KOMEN k~

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