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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When Everything For Him is Right.. And Where Everything of me is WRONg..

Im the young blood rebellious. SO WHAT...??? Before i dont really care about what he gets and what i dont.. because biasanya.. win win situation.. only kadang2 i was put on top.. BUT NOW...!!!!! start tu org masuk U.. S*$% membencikan. Dia brlagak mcm jak anak org kaya.. BUANG DUIT.. Brlagak pandai lg.. SO WHAT U GOT INTO "U"??? hey man.. u failed Matriks bha once.. shadap la... you buang duit enough than me.. bising la u ask me to dat and dis.. if there is someone that can tell me im stupid is me.. NOT YOU.. DU*^&*( Think u so GREAT???? NOW..!! Im the rebellious.. slalu kna ketepikan.. what i am myself is not important... Da tu.. everything about me dpersoalkan.. FOR WHAT???? he is GOOD.. yess.. I am BAD.. ok.. Just because he do good things.. he is good.. padahal buat baik supaya kena bg keluar pakai kreta.. supaya dapat duit.. and i???? even i done things without taking any granted pun kna bebel... if i do like >> spending time infront of my pc ( on the usual online time) Mesti kena bebel dmarahi.. Siap ugut mo tarik lappie lg.. ungkit la pasal itu ini... but when he did it >> ONLINE 24/7, CHATTING... malam ke subuh.. smua org diamm.. then nda pla kna ungkit pasal bil letrik.. pasal tarik lappie.. WHY ME?? WHY SO DAMN MUCH HATING ME?? my mission.. I WILL STUDY MY BEST AND GOT GOOD RESULT... I MEAN EXCELLENT RESULT.. AND I'LL GO FAR AWAY FROM YOU BOTH.. SEE WHO'S MISSING ME... YOU FORGOT THAT IM ALWAYS THERE, WHEN YOU ARE HAPPY AND EVEN WHEN YOU ARE SICK... IM BESIDE YOU WHILE HE IS BUSY THINKING WAYS TO HAVE FUN WITH HIS FRIEND.. I KNOW IM NOT THE GOLDEN CHILD.. TEA CUP OF EVERYTHING... and bla..bla.. NONSENSE.... But i just want.. just once.. treat me like i have feeling.. NOt a "ROBOT" Im sick of this life... and im really2 tired of it.. House is not a house anymore.. its HELL..!!! u guys maybe untung.. have sisters.. to talk to and me.. i only have my blog to talk.. and my heart to share this misery...

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