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Friday, March 19, 2010

It's About SOMEONE i never tell..

jelaslah bahawa my first love was a total failure..
it's not my fault that he has another spare parts.. 7 of them.. n im his 8th.. so sadis..
He breaks me at first sbb parents tak suka.. but then.. it was just him having something with my kakak angkat.. (the one tmpt slalu adu masalah pasal dia)

broke up.. and im living the life i never thought i would be in..
changing partners so easily.. say love words when its all just a BULLSHIT..
I broke those guys hearts, just to make me feel good..
Which i end up feeling.. i have no different with HIM..

Then i met this man.. a good man.. but transferred to semenanjung..
he's so nice.. understanding.. he treat me well..
Did'nt fall for that yet.. Untill....... He sang a song for me..
A really nice song.. How can i forget..
But so sad.. When one day.. i fall for someone that my close friend love..
I back up.. and he was not ready.. ok.. its history then..

I met this one.. KIND.. Funny.. Faithful..
He treated me well.. For the early months.. but change after some line problem.. He actually dont like me sms-ing him everyday..
I change for him.. bygkn budak manja yg suka tiap hari diambil berat turns to someone yg "it's OK"... just for him.. i try to understand him.. because im to hurt to lose another love..
And until now.. i hold on to it..  Although sometimes i dont know what makes me happy.. him or being alone..

Forgive me for writing this.. I LOVE YOU.. but im confused.. Wish you were here to convince me..
Rebellious Kiddo,
Pieka Pieka

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Pieka2 nda makan orgggg~ makan ayam ja~ silalah KOMEN k~

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