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Friday, September 23, 2011

If i want something. I'll fight. If they say i can't. I don't care.

I like what i am doing with my life. For once in my life, i really want to finish what i have started. Something that i always want and now decided but my body never agree. I like joining military-like organisation. I was once a police cadet. I'm not that good. but I like it. So damn much. 

Our platoon was a runner up once during Malaysian Independence Day.  It's quite a shock cause we won over male police cadet platoon. and many other organisation. 

Besides, during primary and high school i am active joining so many camping activities. some was in my hometown, Labuan. And some was in peninsular Malaysia. Basically in selangor, and some in Pulau Tuba, Langkawi.

I am aware of the condition in the jungle. And i am already exposed with the drill. That is why i like it. And now i am in UiTM. I really want to continue what i have been wanting to do. Which is being a part of military-like organisation. In UiTM we have Komander Kesatria. Its tough, i know. Im not that fit, yes i am aware. Maybe i'm not capable, that is wrong. 

I know the condition of my leg. but it will never be the one thing that stop me again. I am enough of indulging it. I am enogh dealing with it. Now if i want it. I'll stick to it.

only after that if the committee decided that i'm not up to their standard then i'll accept it. but i'll try again next semester. :P

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