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Monday, February 6, 2012

i'm not afraid. May Allah determines it all.

when people ask, aren't you worried? of all distance, women, and all other thing that might come in between? Firstly, distance is just a number. i trust him. He have the choice to cheat on me over this 4 years, since i am far away from him. but he didn't. so, i trust him. we started long distance relationship. Since we are still in high-school. Alhamdulillah smpi sekarang masih kekal.

women? yes, there is going to be lots of women, but i put my trust in him. he's not going to change his heart, if he really2 loves me. No matter how many other beautiful girls passed by him.

Other thing that might come in between? yes. The suffering of missing someone. But since 4 years ago, these feelings is the one who taught me to appreciate while you have them around, not when they are far. It taught me to be patient. It taught me that, its not only me that fighting for my feelings here. But him too.

So this relationship, its not only me that taste the bittersweet out of it. him too Its not only me that keep on missing him and holding on to him although we have nothing to assure our future, But him too. We do. We will keep on holding this feeling in us. And May Allah Bless this relationship until the day came. The day he'll take me from my father with that one akad. InsyaALLAH.

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