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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Enzyme.... WILL YOU MARRY ME??

Men & Women is more likely to be just like and Enzyme and Substrate.. Where enzyme is substrate specific.. ONLY suitable Substrate able to bind with enzyme..

Enzyme is a catalyst that able to produce products without itself being consume.. :p it also able to regulate metabolic reaction and speed up metabolic reaction by lowering activation energy..

Well.. if u have men.. lower energy is needed.. Hahahaha..

Well what can affect and enzyme?
Temperature... sureeeeeee.... HIgh temperature makes enzyme & substrate to collides more with each other.. when that happens more PRODUCT will be able to be produce.. BUT TOO HIGH?
Hmm... What happen to you when you are burn to death??? you die. for enzyme we refer them as DENATURED.. WHAT IF THE TEMP IS TOO LOW?????? haha.. what happen if its 5 o'clck in the morning and its raining outside.. its cold... cold weather makes u hibernate.. so do enzyme.. but it does not hibernate it just became inactive..

What about enzyme concentration.. its like having a factory that produce goods.. more factory means more goods are able to be produce in one time than just having one factory.... its the same with enzyme.. more enzyme means more substrate can be synthesise to produce more products... :D

But how if it is about Substrate concentration.. Well, if you have a lot of food.. Rendang Ayam, Ketupat, Nasi Ayam, Nasi Lemak, Lontong, Kerabu, Kari Daging... And a lot more stuff going on.. Ehemm... can u actually consume them all at one time.. u just have 1 mouth.. Yes more substrate will increase the rate of reaction but then it will reach maximum capacity of rate of reaction whennn??? when there is only numbers of enzyme that able to synthesize them.. Hey you have 1 mouth what???

:) While the story of Inhibitor is basically just like relationship between Men & Women.. Competitive is basically where there is another women that resemble just like the substrate (posers) that compete to bind with the enzyme.. TRIANGULAR LOVE.. substrate & inhibitor... fighting for 1 enzyme.. Example of twinnies that involved in this love story is.. Malonate ( Inhibitor ) which is the twin of Succinate ( Substrate) That fight for Succinase.

Non-Competitive is where the inhibitor becomes the "BATU API" attached to the enzyme.. changing the active site.. not allowing any substrate to bind with it anymore.. :D so.. ENZYME is just about life.. You see.. sometimes action can be fixed but some stays just like that forever.. For non competitive inhibitor.. It still can be fixed because the inhibitor attached to the enzyme by only weak bonding with the allosteric site or other site that cause the active site to change... but some inhibitor decide to attached parmanently to the enzyme by covalent bond.. a strong bond.. which will change the active site forever.. :)

#its just me trying to understand enzyme.. and the way i see it.. its easier to undestand them just like this

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