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Thursday, April 5, 2012


Later when i got back.. Life is going to be different..
The silhouette is different.. Even i am going to be different..
There is no longer someone i can be childish with..
No more someone that i can cook together with..
No more laughter..
No more..
It's just no more..

Later when i got back..
I'm going to be lonely..
I have nobody during the day.. 
And only have my ibu during the night.. 

You see.. i'm going to be lonely..
Cause there is no Garry anymore.. 
And i don't have anyone to take care for..
Even if i cook it is only for me..
Forever Alone.. That would be me..

Tomorrow im going to be lonely..
What more can i say because its the truth..
I have no sister to cling on..
I don't have them to share my stories and so on..

Leaving, makes me want to cry.
Cause i am lonely all these while..
I'm able to bare it from time to time..
But sometimes i can feel that im dying inside..

When i cry at night there is no one to hold..
Its just me myself and I..
Why this feeling of leaving is so burdensome..
cause deep inside I know i'm not going to be fine...

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