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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Ramai org yang persoalkan bila kita bicara pasal boikot ni. But, instead of talking about others let me share my own experience.. Let us start with the basic stuff that mostly every houses will have.

Johnson Johnson?
Coca Cola/Pepsi?

Ok.. Since I was a little kid I like Nestle that crazy much.. dari milonya sampai koko krunch. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper? I can eat it any time.. Maggi? Troughout my whole life I adoreee that instant stuff.. Maggi kari tambah telur, walaahh. Paling sedap. Then, there comes the Maggi Chicken Cream Soup.. Yummeh.. Berebut dua beradik kalau makan. Coca Cola atau Pepsi pun boleh cakap sebati lah dalam diri. I wouldn't lie. As for McD? Time kecil jarang la makan sbb tiada d Labuan.
Tp sejak diploma d kk ni, dari sem 1 sampai sem 3 blh kata peminat tegar McD. Cakap la burger apa yang promotion confirm try pya. And it was like a must for everyday within a week. Kalau nda burger confirm bubur.

From what I can see, barangan boikot ni kebanyakannya murah, addictive and sedap2 belaka. But little that we know what we are funding did we?

What is wrong is not 'not knowing' but not wanting to know about it.

ALHAMDULILLAH. Almost a year ago, bit by bit my friends and I started boycotting those stuff I mentioned above. And yes you can say the starting is quite rough because you sometimes becomes too blend in with being ok of having those stuff in your home till you didn't even realize you pick it up from the store. Plus, the prices of those stuff which is lower than other brands sometimes makes you feel a little bit devastated. But what is the worth of cheap when buying one pack of Maggi kills one of your brother in Syria? What's worth a delicious Nestle breakfast, if your brothers and sisters in Gaza lost their home? Whats worth of smells good when your money is a bullet trough the Mujahideen's chest. Tell me whats worth of those stuff to sacrife your family? I'll say those worth nothing more or less than nothing. 

"But explain Facebook you're using?"

As for facebook, as long as it can be manipulated as a mechanism to spread good words, can be used as a tool for da'wah.. why not?

Memang ada benda yang kita mungkin masih guna atas sebab tiada pilihan lain. Sebab memang ekonomi, teknologi, dorang yang dahului. But we can used it to our advantage. Guna seminima, atau maksimakan impak. Our choice.

That is boycot Israel stuff for me. How about you?

You can get the list of boycotts stuff updated in google..

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