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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Our Fights

Sometimes we ignore this because we believe that we are still safe and living peacefully.. It's not our fights.. It is not our country and those are fools who can't maintain their peace.. Those are fools who only know to demonstrate.. Those are terrorist.. We had enough of it.. If those are what we believed, I guess 'they' succeed turning our back from what suppose to be our war.. By the name of Allah s.w.t it is our fights.. Though we cant fight side by side with them, Du'a is our best weapon now.. Remembering them in our every Du'a is our best shot.. and in the other hand ignorance is the poison.. It's like pulling the pin of your own grenade.. Screen your humanity and show them that language, race, skin color, or even cultures can't differentiate us because as a Muslim we are already one.. 

As my own experience during performing umrah, I feel the gap between Mekah and Madinah. I was wearing a badge showing solidarity for Rabia which was bought a few months back with my friends. While in Madinah, the guards of Masjid Nabawi stopped me to look at it and ask "Malizi?" referring if I am from Malaysia.. I nod and one of them say SubhanALLAH and start telling the other guards.. After that they talk among themselves is arab which I surely didn't understand and they just let me in. A few times in Madinah the hawker, the shop workers, and few person I met after/before prayer in Masjid Nabawi acknowledge the badge and they are so glad that Malaysian is on their side.. Did you see what happens there? They are glad we are on their back. They are glad that we support them.. They are glad that we know what is happening on their land and that we are fighting the same fight just like them.. These people didn't know me, we've never met before but they are so much happy seeing me just wearing the badge saying that they can't believe Malaysian knows whats happening to them.. If you see, it is not because of our differences.. But it is because of our similarities.. We are all muslims and we are all have the same goal.. To have Islam rise the way it is suppose to.. and that is our fights..

While in the other hand while in Mekah, I was stunned. A few times I was greeted and advised not to wear that badge as it is against the law.. It shows terrorism and I better not wear it.. He was a man of a figure I must say wearing suits just like a businessman..I might get caught.. Receiving different respond makes me wonder why this actually happens.. In Mekah it happens for a few times and mostly they (from my own opinion and perspective) looks like a wealthy/educated person.. But it doesn't mean that they are bad or against it.. Sometimes some/wise people have different ways of fighting this war.. 

"the country is acknowledging on what happening in (Rabia) Mesir as terrorism and demonstration against the government.. That is why.."

But sadly in my own country I am disappointed when the Mujahideen is called as a terrorist.. The one who stand in line fighting for Islam and defending their homeland is called a terrorist.. The one who his family/father/mother/brothers/sisters/husband/wife/siblings got killed and kicked out of their home is the terrorist.. The one who their sisters/wife/daughters raped right in front of them and then killed is what the media nowadays called terrorist.. The one who suffer the massacre is the terrorist? Tell me in which world do we live in?

This is not a provocation, nor a terrorism words.. This is just a solidarity shown for Rabia, Syria, Palestine, Rohingya and all Muslim country.. And silent solidarity for my own country, as it is also having war on rising Islam itself.. A deepest solidarity for ourselves as in everyday we are fighting to make ourselves a better Muslim In Shaa Allah. 

"sometimes what they need is just us knowing..."

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